Marina Tziara

Blender (ed. /23)

Blender (ed. /23) is an exhibition of a curated collection of artworks that have been selected over this year to be featured on Psifida’s online exhibition. Blender (ed. /23) gives the opportunity to the viewer to see in person and physically in Psifida’s space the work of multiple artists, different styles, techniques and mediums.
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(words by the artist): My paintings are having dialogues with the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Alejandra Pizarnik, Louise Glück, Holly McNish, and the ´Hopscotch’ of Julio Cortazar. Among my Madonnas, there are all those women that I aspire to inspire and all those that have inspired me deeply. All those mothers and daughters that keep on fighting for the right to be heard and seen for what they really are and for something that shouldn´t be defined as right or wrong. For my ex´s ex who let me be a mother to her son and held my hand when I was losing myself. I create my Madonnas from the heart and my only intention is to give them wings to fly.
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