Our Team

Chryso Psajii, Curator

Chryso considers life as an endless process of becoming, and this is the reason of using the following sequence of ‘titles’, even though she considers that no labels are required – she is an architect engineer + designer + artist + (…) + (n+1). She pursues interdisciplinary approach of living and a broader spectrum of being through an entry to the age of exploration. For her, it is ‘a dream come true’, exploring different territories of art, especially as curator at Psifida Art Gallery.

Michalis Georgiou

Michalis is an experienced customer service executive and tourism industry entrepreneur. Closely associated with private art galleries and exhibitions from a young age, takes care of the galleries administration and customer service matters.

Psifida Art Gallery is led by Agis Georgiades

Agis is a lawyer who works in international dispute resolution. He has a strong interest in intellectual property law, and he is a collector of artworks and books. For him Psifida, is an effort to intertwine his adoration for the arts with his professional and business activities. His vision is to develop Psifida into an art forum and a cultural think tank, both physically and online.