(words by the artist Marina Tziara)

A mother with a child, the suffering and pure virgin. A Madonna, my Madonnas. I started painting my Madonnas a year ago when it was my two-year anniversary. Two years since I had to fight for my life. Two years since I learnt first-hand that being a woman there is an actual price that we have to pay. No matter if you are a mother, a wife, a slut, single or lesbian, childless, fat, thin and pure, no matter if you are successful and well-read, if you are an athlete, if you are an artist, an activist, a feminist, a hard worker, religious or a witch, no matter what you are if you have a vagina, you have to fit into a category. A category that they decide. A category that defines us. Starting from the medieval era when the Amour Courtois had put queens and virgins on a pedestal, converting them into an unreachable gem of beauty and purity and passing through L’amour Romantique having Lord Byron to ‘teach’ us about liberty, adventures and love because we were not supposed to experience that on our own and finishing with A room of one´s own just to realise that this is exactly what we always needed or maybe we want the murderous eroticism of George Bataille and Virginie Despentes to feel alive and feminine? Well, Madonnas is a project and a series of paintings inspired by women who know that it has been more than 1000 years of not being able to be ourselves. Is inspired by my personal story, and by the story of many others. Madonnas talks about motherhood and the different ways of becoming a mother. By giving birth to a child, an idea, a painting, a movement a book. Becoming a mother by carrying on inspiring and carrying on living. Madonnas is about seeing all those women without the shroud of the male gaze, Madonnas is about embracing the Glíglico [: invented language of love by J.Cortazar] that we have with ourselves. The language of love that we have to reinvent in order to learn how to unconditionally reconnect with ourselves.
My paintings are having dialogues with the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Alejandra Pizarnik, Louise Glück, Holly McNish, and the ´Hopscotch’ of Julio Cortazar. Among my Madonnas, there are all those women that I aspire to inspire and all those that have inspired me deeply. All those mothers and daughters that keep on fighting for the right to be heard and seen for what they really are and for something that shouldn´t be defined as right or wrong. For my ex´s ex who let me be a mother to her son and held my hand when I was losing myself. I create my Madonnas from the heart and my only intention is to give them wings to fly.

I don´t know anything about birds,
I don´t know the history of fire,
but I believe my solitude should have wings
(Alejandra Pizarnik)


opening | 08.9 /23, 19:00

duration | 08.9 until 03.10 /23

curated by Chryso Psajii

September 8 @ 19:00 — October 3 @ 13:30
19:00 — 13:30 (594h 30′)

Psifida Art Gallery

Marina Tziara

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