Blender (ed. /23)

Blender (ed. /23)

Blender (ed. /23) is an exhibition of a curated collection of artworks that have been selected over this year to be featured on Psifida’s online exhibition.
Blender (ed. /23) gives the opportunity to the viewer to see in person and physically in Psifida’s space the work of multiple artists, different styles, techniques and mediums.

The artworks are all available on Psifida e-shop.
Feel free to scan the QR code and discover all featured artists and more.

On view from 11.11 /23

Curated by Chryso Psajii

November 11 @ 12:00 — November 24 @ 10:00
12:00 — 10:00 (310h)

Psifida Art Gallery

Achilleas Christou, Anastasia Charalambous, Anastasia Krivenko, Anastasia Rousou, Andreas Spyrou, Athena Anastasiou, Avgoustinos Michael, Christoforos Christodoulou, Christos Christou, Elli Contou, Estee La Rods, Haris Papadema, Ioanna Ioannou, Ioannis Sakellis, Jamie Jones, Katerina Stavrou, LEX PAN, Marina Koutsospyrou, Marina Tziara, Miriam McConnon, Nina Morari, Panagiota Pantela, Tania Fahy

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