Blender (ed. /23)

Blender (ed. /23) is an exhibition of a curated collection of artworks that have been selected over this year to be featured on Psifida’s online exhibition. Blender (ed. /23) gives the opportunity to the viewer to see in person and physically in Psifida’s space the work of multiple artists, different styles, techniques and mediums.
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Cupid Shoots to Kill

“Cupid Shoots to Kill” is a solo exhibition by the artist Alexandra Panagiotidou/LEX PAN. A show devoted to the struggles of dating, of loving and falling in love with someone at this day and age. Lex portrays these emotions through her human- like characters who are trying to survive the beautiful and hard reality of loving. Lex uses vivid colours to capture the exciting aspects of love and rough, sketch-like brushstrokes to capture the anxieties and difficulties people face when forming new attachments. The loneliness, the excitement, the patience, the tears and the disappointment of it all. In a post- pandemic reality, the rules of dating have changed, our time is becoming even more limited, and people are viewed more as commodities rather than individuals, getting to know someone becomes time consuming, and time is precious, how do we choose who to invest in? The important thing to remember is “ the less you give, the less you have to loose”. This show explores all feelings that come with love with a humoristic approach; and the substances we turn to when love does not work out for us, we are all looking to attach ourselves to something to cure us from our loneliness, but sometimes we cling onto the wrong things or the wrong people.
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