Anastasia Rousou

Blender (ed. /23)

Blender (ed. /23) is an exhibition of a curated collection of artworks that have been selected over this year to be featured on Psifida’s online exhibition. Blender (ed. /23) gives the opportunity to the viewer to see in person and physically in Psifida’s space the work of multiple artists, different styles, techniques and mediums.
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Anastasia Rousou’ s work is centered on sculptures and the human heart. Almost all of her paintings are composed by influences from life, and are an attempt to depict the beauty of existing and connecting with one another and how it feels like someone is physically holding your heart when the connection is too powerful while also implementing that existing and being a genuinely person is like your heart blooms. However, another portion of her work are recreations of paintings and sculptures that she explores and reinvents in her own style. Through her paintings she wants people to be able to feel the energy that comes with experiencing life, the flourishing - the downfalls and the power of our existence while simultaneously connecting to them in their own way according to their own life experience and viewpoint. Our energy and presence are contagious and Anastasia creates in hopes to transfer this energy to the viewer.
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