Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold” is a solo exhibition by the artist Tatjana (Tania) Fahy.

The exhibition will showcase an exclusive collection of paintings Tania was working on from 2020 till now. A Collection of Decorative Art which includes paintings of different animals and portraits of women from different parts of the world. Tania’s work is mostly done by using mixed media products, acrylic paint, different types of gold paint on various material as canvas, cardboard, wood, stone, textile, etc. Each painting has an exceptional touch to make it exclusive.

opening | 10.6 /23, 18:30

presentation | Government Spokesman Mr Konstantinos Letymbiotis

duration | 10.6 until 04.7 /23

curated by Chryso Psajii

June 10 @ 18:30 — July 4 @ 13:30
18:30 — 13:30 (571h)

Psifida Art Gallery

Tania Fahy

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