Divine Chaos

Divine Chaos

“Divine Chaos” is a solo exhibition by Estee La Rods (Elina Rodosthenous). Eeste La Rods merges the timeless verses of Dante Alighieri with the vibrant energy of graffiti and urban art. Through sprays and oil paints, Eeste creates multilayered paintings that evolve over time, revealing new elements.

Inspired by Dante’s depth, she reimagines classical works through a contemporary lens. Bold colours and dynamic lines capture the essence of the urban landscape, while fluidity and texture add depth.

Viewers embark on a personal journey discovering new layers with each passing hour. Eeste celebrates the convergence of tradition and innovation, bridging classical art with urban expression.

Eeste La Rods invites dialogue, introspection, and appreciation for the beauty within classical and urban art. Through this transformative process, Dante’s poetry and urban culture resonate harmoniously.

opening | 07.7 /23, 19:00

presentation | Mr Valentinos Fakontis, MP

duration | 07.7 until 01.8 /23

curated by Chryso Psajii

July 7 @ 19:00 — August 1 @ 13:30
19:00 — 13:30 (594h 30′)

Psifida Art Gallery

Estee La Rods

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