Stella Patsalidou

Stella Patsalidou

Was born in Cyprus and studied Civil Engineer at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, but a hidden artistic talent lead her later to study also Interior Design in Athens, so she can express easier her creativity when she started working both as a civil and interior designer!

Born in a seaside town, sea was deep in her soul, a piece of her personality!

Words like Unique, Erotic, Bright, Unpredictable & Strong dominate her mind and as she was an artistic spirit she starts, parallel with work, to design statement jewelry that will make every woman feel Unique.
This is how DEEP BLUE comes later on to give its name to jewelry brand.




Is where excellent strong materials like Stainless Steel and Bronze are mixed with Leathers and Real Stones to be transformed in stunning motifs with obvious architectural influence.
Since 2014 she has her own atelier in Cyprus called DEEP BLUE EXCLUSIVE CREATIONS FROM WHERE SHE PROMOTES HER JEWELRY.

She participates in a lot of fashion shoes in Cyprus and Greece. She corporates with luxury boutiques in Mykonos and Santorini islands in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Some of her jewelry were used at theatrical shows and tv shows.