Miriam Mc Connon

Miriam Mc Connon’s series of paintings ‘Safe House’convey domestic objects and the human narrative of displacement and in particular the struggle to establish a new home following conflict. The work is concerned with the social aspect of conflict as opposed to the political one. It examines the resilience of the domestic space and its necessity in the struggle to overcome displacement and begin again.

Over the past year the artist has met several women from conflict areas such as Serbia, Egypt, Cyprus, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. These women shared their stories of survival with Mc Connon and objects that represent for them the creation of a new home to start over. A child’s shoe, two dead roses, a Syrian banknote, a ceramic plate, and an embroidered placemat are among the chosen objects. The objects lie alone, or the canvas disenfranchised from their environment. They have become evidential testimonies to the female story of displacement.