1st Group Exhibition

1st Group Exhibition

Our First Exhibition was a group exhibition of artists from all over Cyprus. The artists were carefully selected by Psifida team,  and included well-established artists as well as new talent. Namely, the artists of our first group exhibition were : Yiannis Sakellis, Paris Christodoulou, Miriam McConnon, Kristia Andreou, Achilleas Christou, Vasilia Anaxagorou, Christos Foukaras, Mariam Suhanova, Katerina Foukara, Arsenty Lysenkov, Christos Christou and Avgoustinos Michael.

Psifida team carefully selected the works to be displayed, resulting in a diverse and flamboyant collection of high quality artworks.


April 21 @ 19:00 — May 25 @ 14:30
19:00 — 14:30 (811h 30′)

Psifida Art Gallery

Achilleas Christou, Arsenty Lysenkov, Avgoustinos Michael, Christos Christou, Christos Foukaras, Katerina Foukara, Kristia Andreou, Mariam Suhanova, Miriam McConnon, Paris Christodoulou, Vasilia Anaxagorou, Yiannis Sakellis

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