Marta Shkedi is a contemporary artist known for her innovative and multidisciplinary approach to art.

Her work often blurs the lines between different mediums, incorporating elements of traditional and digital media. Shkedi’s art frequently explores themes related to identity, memory, and the human experience in the modern world. She often integrates digital elements into her work, whether through video projections or digital manipulation of traditional materials.

Another characteristic of Shkedi’s art is its immersive and experiential nature. Shkedi seeks to create moments of introspection and reflection, prompting viewers to reconsider their relationship with themselves, their environment, and the broader society.

Marta Shkedi pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic practices, using technology and immersive experiences to explore complex themes of identity and human existence in the digital age.

March 29 @ 19:00 — April 30 @ 17:00
19:00 — 17:00 (766h)

Psifida Art Gallery

Marta Shkedi

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